songs of a wounded healer

27 years old. doctor-in-the-making. wounded healer. hopeless romantic. hari ng sablay. a seed of hope waiting to spring. loves jason mraz. favorite song is "dare you to move." fan of sushi. currently has central obesity. a frustrated poet. wants to learn tennis. a mental health advocate. knows how to cook fillet dori with le'mon sauce. fan of lifehouse. a pediatric cancer advocate. dreams of becoming a five-star physician someday. wants to play the guitar. a dedicated friend. his motto is love strong. a knight of Christ. a frustrated Jesuit-wannabe. a soldier of hope. aka mr. brightside. in less than a year, he will hop, skip, jump and tell himself: "yeah, I made it."


“It’s during the worst of adversities that you see the best in Filipinos. This isn’t the time to point fingers, it’s the time to lend a hand.”

I’m sure a lot of us want to go out & help #rescuePH. But as we seek shelter in our own homes, the most we can do is spread the word: reblog, retweet, share - this is social media at its finest. Pray for your family and friends, as well as the victims claimed by this weather. Do what you can - stock up on supplies, check up on ALL of your classmates, report the missing, the stranded, the needing. We’re all in this together.

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