songs of a wounded healer

27 years old. doctor-in-the-making. wounded healer. hopeless romantic. hari ng sablay. a seed of hope waiting to spring. loves jason mraz. favorite song is "dare you to move." fan of sushi. currently has central obesity. a frustrated poet. wants to learn tennis. a mental health advocate. knows how to cook fillet dori with le'mon sauce. fan of lifehouse. a pediatric cancer advocate. dreams of becoming a five-star physician someday. wants to play the guitar. a dedicated friend. his motto is love strong. a knight of Christ. a frustrated Jesuit-wannabe. a soldier of hope. aka mr. brightside. in less than a year, he will hop, skip, jump and tell himself: "yeah, I made it."

The Sun

Finally, I saw the sun. The rest of the Philippines saw light, after three days of outpouring from the heavens. It just feels so good. To know that the flood will subside, that we will be having classes tomorrow, that the hospitals will have electricity once again, and that life goes on as it was before. The Sun.

Yesterday, I was talking to a roomate who is rotating in Internal Medicine. His face spoke a thousand words. He was plain tired. Consoling as I would like to be, I told him it will be over in a month’s time. You just have to get through that rotation. 

Just like the rain that we had, it will all pass. We just have to endure the rain waters, and joyfully await for the sunshine that is to come.


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