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27 years old. doctor-in-the-making. wounded healer. hopeless romantic. hari ng sablay. a seed of hope waiting to spring. loves jason mraz. favorite song is "dare you to move." fan of sushi. currently has central obesity. a frustrated poet. wants to learn tennis. a mental health advocate. knows how to cook fillet dori with le'mon sauce. fan of lifehouse. a pediatric cancer advocate. dreams of becoming a five-star physician someday. wants to play the guitar. a dedicated friend. his motto is love strong. a knight of Christ. a frustrated Jesuit-wannabe. a soldier of hope. aka mr. brightside. in less than a year, he will hop, skip, jump and tell himself: "yeah, I made it."

I am now officially an integrated clinical clerk (ICC). This means, I will be a full-fledged clerk next year and then an intern after. =)

We are officially over lectures in big groups. We have been subdivided into blocks, smaller blocks and smaller worlds. Welcome to the Clinical World. 

I have been looking forward for clinical work, for the longest time now. Seriously, being in a classroom and listening to endless lectures for a whole day is no joke. We literally had to feast on a buffet of notes and coffee every night. Perhaps, being and dealing with patients more often will give me that push and pull to move forward. 

Family Medicine (first rotation).

We went to Canossa Health and Social Facility. It is like a mini-hospital run by nuns in Tondo, Manila. There are doctors, nurses, lab technicians. I am amazed on how this facility is run by donations and sponsorships. Consultations are free. Patients just have to buy the medications from their pharmacy.

The facility lies at the heart of Tondo- a place which is usually featured in the front page of broadsheets or the newscast every night. Not because of anything outstanding. They stand out because it is a haven for snatchers, murderers, and what-have-yous. Well, because of this, this is entirely wrong.

For the first time, I was assigned a patient. Not a patient of a group. Mine. Just mine. I knew I was still incompetent with regards to history and physical exam, diagnosis and management. I still find it hard to listen to the heart (double meaning?). Seriously. We studied the tiny bits and pieces of all these things but doing them in just one sitting by myself is something.

I did it. I had some mistakes. I forgot to ask the age of the patient,. It took me almost two hours for one patient. That’s long. I could not hear the BP sounds of the patient. Things I should know by now, but I still do now know.

Learning takes time. I feel fulfilled right now. I was able to write on the chart of the patient for the first time. I was able to get the correct diagnosis of one of my patients. A sign that the patient’s life is in my hands. I have great power. I have great responsibility.    

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