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27 years old. doctor-in-the-making. wounded healer. hopeless romantic. hari ng sablay. a seed of hope waiting to spring. loves jason mraz. favorite song is "dare you to move." fan of sushi. currently has central obesity. a frustrated poet. wants to learn tennis. a mental health advocate. knows how to cook fillet dori with le'mon sauce. fan of lifehouse. a pediatric cancer advocate. dreams of becoming a five-star physician someday. wants to play the guitar. a dedicated friend. his motto is love strong. a knight of Christ. a frustrated Jesuit-wannabe. a soldier of hope. aka mr. brightside. in less than a year, he will hop, skip, jump and tell himself: "yeah, I made it."
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You and I both.
I remember listening to the acoustic version of this song by Jason Mraz back in first year med, as I sat and stared at Manila Bay in front of my room. Almost three years later, I am listening to it again, alone and nostalgic in my room, in front of the Bay. Time flies. :)

It was another ordinary night. I found myself walking back to our unit. I was walking, tired as usual from our long-day shifts at the Outpatient Department. I just came from Taft, that busy avenue in front of our hospital.

I looked into the dark night, which is what I usually [on safe grounds]. The hospital stood dimly yet proudly against the black sky. Dimly, because its dim-lit ancient-looking windows combine effortlessly with the dark clouds above; proudly because it houses the lives of hundreds of patients, most of which cannot afford the fees from private hospitals, are under its tender loving care.

As I was staring at the night sky, I noticed flickering lights floating. Were they stars? I hesitated a bit for a moment.  They were a bit larger than the regular stars I see. [I love stargazing and trust me, they are around 10 times larger than the stars I usually see.] Moreover, they were dancing, with waving borders, not just flickering.

After around thirty seconds of awe, I finally realized that they were floating Chinese lanterns. I finally chanced upon these lanterns, I first knew from the movie Tangled. I have always wanted to see one. It was a surreal experience, magical to say the least. They literally looked like dancing stars in the middle of the silent, dark night. Balls of radiance making their way up, up above until they are consumed by the silent night.  

I have been consumed by so many dark nights- moments of doubt, exhaustion, and sometimes, apathy. But, it is in these dark areas that we find the most unexpected flickers of light. A patient who wages a battle with cancer, a priest who spreads God’s power of healing to patients, a doctor who stay up until the early morning for her duty and lastly, an aspiring doctor, are all tiny flickers of hope. Small floating lights which illuminate against the immensely dark skies.   

The floating lights of hope.